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Power Rangers vs Super Sentai Super Hero Taisen movie when

Let me fix that

Power Rangers vs Super Sentai vs Powerful Rangers Super Hero Taisen movie

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Monkey magic Journey to the west

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Real life moogle


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business lunch


business lunch

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Kojima was right.

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What is this
Why does it exist

This is from an animation called Wanted Melody. Credited to be created by Paul Jaulmes, Boris Croisé, and Guillaume Cunis.
The description gives no answer to that second question.


What is this

Why does it exist

This is from an animation called Wanted Melody. Credited to be created by Paul Jaulmes, Boris Croisé, and Guillaume Cunis.

The description gives no answer to that second question.


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MK x AC part 1
Can’t wait for this DLC!!


MK x AC part 1

Can’t wait for this DLC!!

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killer-squirtle said: What did Jontron do this time? =/


tim schafer, founder of double fine studios, which made gems like psychonauts, grim fandango, brutal legend, the secret of monkey island and other great games posted a tweet with a link to a video talking about violence against women in video games.


(here’s a link to the video, very well thought out and it makes amazing points.)

jon jafari, who is following tim on twitter, decided he wasn’t happy watching a video that had comments disabled that talked about such a sensitive topic, and decided to make his opinion very well known.

and then as jon’s voracious fanboys were attacking mr. tim schafer on twitter, telling him to kill himself since he’s “outlived his welcome”, jon decides to send this tweet in:

which not only spurned his fanbase on to send hatemail towards tim, but also made tim out to be the bad guy in this conversation.

which he absolutely wasn’t.

I believe it necessary to shed some light on the JonTron tweet claiming abuse. I wish at the start of this to say I am not supporting a claim that Tim sicked his fans on Jon or vice versa.

At the time of Jons tweet a hastag on twitter called #IStandWithJonTron was being spammed with tweets that include such gems as “#IStandWithJontron because I’m a human piece of garbage” or “IStandWithJontron because I too have injured my penis trying to fuck a couch” or “IStandWithJontron and I will never know how it feels to be loved by another human being” or “#IStandWithJontron and literally eat my own vomit out of a trashcan and drink toilet water” and “IStandWithJontron because calling someone a fat game nerd is apparently the worst thing of the planet, but systemic sexism is a-ok!”

These tweets and ones like them have continued since. As far as I am concerned they are abusive and cannot in any way be interpreted as satire nor in any sense comedic. I believe it was the things being said above that Jon is referring to when claiming that Tims fanbase was mobbing up against him and that only the timing of the events led Jon to believe that Tim was in anyway involved. Jon owes Tim an apology for making that claim.

I also believe it is incorrect to blame to Jon for the action of those attacking Tim.

I have seen no evidence that either Tim or JonTron called on anyone to fling abuse or tell someone to kill themselves. Jon stated that is lacked class for Tim to send his fans on the attack. Tim did not do this nor did Jon.

To blame anyone for the actions of their followers on social media without an express call to action is not only untrue but serves only to escalate an already overblown shouting match over a toy turned hobby around which these events center.

That last tweet regarding JonTron is right in one regard by the way and I choose to address it here. Systemic sexism is deplorable. But it being awful does not make personal attacks or abuse acceptable. This goes for everyone. Abuse does not merit abuse.

Sexism , abuse, death threats, and censorship (concerns of which whether you think they are valid or not) are horrible things which any human being should be free to express their disdain of without suffering an attack on their person rather then the idea.

This stands for Anita, for Zoe, for Tim, and for Jon. It stands for an artist I know who last night expressed that he feared to speak his mind on these matters because he felt that his opinion would lose him friends for whom he dearly cared for. It stands for any person that has involved themselves in this topic and to any discussion regardless.

The topic of the representation and treatment of women in media is one that people seem passionate about, I get that things can get a bit heated when people talk about topics they deem sensitive or deeply care about, but I cannot express enough how the behavior of shaming others for their opinions, dismissing their concerns out right, or abusing them for disagreeing is not ok.

People want to say that Jon calling someone a retard for objecting to his use of the word retard was rude, abelist, and insensitive? Fine. You want to object to him posting a mocking cartoon depicting a sex act as being offensive and improper? Great. Voice that opinion. As far as I’m concerned you’re right to say these things.

But whether you agree or disagree with any of the ideas or actions over the last week or ever in your life you are acting improperly to resort to abuse, name calling, or shaming. It drives any discourse, deserved or otherwise, down to a level of maturity for which we scold children and gets us nowhere.

I apologize for the length of the response above.

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Louie Zong has a bunch of other funny and cute animation on their channel. If you like this one maybe go check them out too.

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